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June 23, 2019
Label Creation
February 3, 2017
I joined Redstone Foods as their showroom manager. I was in charge of designing two showrooms. One was at the world trade center in Dallas and the other is on site at their Carrollton location.

It was a pretty sweet gig.

we had over 7,000+ kinds of candy on our website and had most represented in our showroom organized by category. These samples were just for show but needed to be updated quarterly in both showrooms
Twice a year I would work with the VP to plan, organize, manage, and execute a project that would last three to four months. These projects consisted of intaking and processing holiday samples for our client's request and images for the e-commerce website.

The projects consisted of :

- Selecting the items that Redstone wanted to sell.
- Putting in sample requests from the various vendors
- Receiving the samples
- Notifying the vendor what did not come in or was broken. Sometimes the VP would negotiate for something we really needed it was not sent.
- For each sample, we needed to have a high-quality image that needed to be added to the website. Some samples I needed to take myself
- We would then label each sample that came in and sent one of each out to each of the seven salespeople and the two showrooms.
- The showrooms needed to be updated with the one of each sample.
- A sales meeting would occur where all the staff would sit down and discuss what we had for the year.
- The remote sales people needed to have their samples packed in coolers to take with them from our meeting.
- The leftover samples would need to be checked for expiration dates and then put away to be sold in our yearly sample sale. Any samples that would not make it to that time would be saved as gifts to clients or possibly given to employees.

Please see my process improvement blog on how I saved the company 20+ hours automating the label printing process.
I had the opportunity to help Redstone with their digital marketing.

Before I left:
- Revenue from marketing increased by 15%
- I helped them sell around $10,000 of ads on their site and email blasts
- Click and open rates were dramatically higher directly due to my efforts in reorganizing and branding their email communications.
- Reduced the cost of their email marketing by reducing the number of MailChimp accounts from 7 to 1. ( Context: before I started each sales person was in charge of sending out their own email communications with 0 design or branding guidelines.)
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