Megaphone Studios

June 24, 2019
Age of Thrones
June 23, 2019
Megaphone Studios

3D Artist

Megaphone Studios was a gaming and custom development start-up that created casino games and Custom software. I joined the studio when they decided to start production on their own Mobile game. While the studio ended up closing down, it was still an extremely valuable experience and one that I still have fond memories of.

In this project, I was given old pixel images as a reference to create these models. I was also given a short description of each one and what the creators at Megaphone Studios had envisioned them to be like when they saw them. The desired result was something that looked exactly like the reference, kind of cartoony, but brought into 3d. The reference I was given is in the upper right-hand corner of every picture.

Along with aiding the studio by creating the models, I participated in improving the game’s design and focusing on the player experience.