Age of Thrones

Megaphone Studios
June 24, 2019
Redstone Foods
June 22, 2019
Age of Thrones

3D Artist

In this project, I was given old pixel images as a reference to create these models. I was also given a short description of each one and what the creators at Megaphone Studios had envisioned them to be like when they saw them. The desired result was something that looked exactly like the reference, kind of cartoony, but brought into 3d. The reference I was given is in the upper right-hand corner of every picture.

Along with aiding the studio by creating the models, I participated in improving the game’s design and focusing on the player experience.

Tower Models

Age of Thrones is a medieval-fantasy TOWER DEFENSE made by Nexrage (indie team). Fight against waves of orcs, dragons, trolls, undead and more dark creatures to defeat the Dark Lord of Thrones and save the kingdom of Armos!

I was approached by the creator of the game title to create the towers. I was given rough line drawings as a reference of each model. I was given several games as a reference in order to describe the games style and overall look. I enlisted the aid of the talented Doug Sexton to put his talents to use as a concept artist in order to help create the style. With Doug providing the inspiration I quickly finished all the towers in the game.