Letters of Recommendation

I have worked hard to document my exceptional reputation and skills from past employers & coworkers.

While I do believe in marketing myself, I believe even more in making raving fans of the work I do and results I help enable.

I have an art portfolio, but I wanted to make a portfolio of my character, work ethic, and more.

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon

Nigel Thurlow - Co-Creator of The Flow System(TM)

Looking for a good scrum master that I’ve trained in The Flow System and gets it? Talk to 🕹️ James C. Thomas IV - PSM, PSPO, SPS, PSU below! He’s available and is a community minded and people focused continuous learner.

Ravi Verma - Founder, CEO & The Org Whisperer - SmoothApps

James has attended two of my Scrum Workshops - Professional Scrum Foundations and Professional Scrum Master and has impressed me on both occasions.

I have been mentoring him over the past few months because he is the kind of leader we need in our industry.

His heart is in the right place - he wants to do whatever is needed to enable high performing teams and high performing products.

He is a relentless learner and wants to continuously improve himself so he can be a more effective servant leader.

I would strongly recommend James to any team looking for an Agile Guide who can help them apply the core values and principles of the Agile movement to help their organization on the path to Agility.

Chris Hockenberry - Founder & Online Strategist - Chambergate Software

Chris Hockenberry

Chambergate Software and Services

6401 West Eldorado Parkway

Suite 111

McKinney, Texas 75070

August 12, 2016

To whom it may concern,

It’s my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for James Thomas as he seeks employment. As James’s sole direct manager at Chambergate, I’ve worked closely with him over the past six months, sharing the same open office space the majority of the time. James showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded company, as well as personal, expectations. On a personal level, he’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served him well in his role as a software professional.

Due to Chambergate’s closure of its software division, James is seeking employment elsewhere. All of us at Chambergate Software will be sad to see each other go, but this is truly your gain. Allow me to point out three examples of James’s strengths. First, James brought great value to Chambergate by consistently exceeding expectations of his peers. James has an understanding of art trends and instincts for identifying and pursuing quality creative results. Not only does he provide stellar service to existing clients, but he’s established a number of new processes internally to Chambergate. James has the combination of business acumen and communication skills that makes him an outstanding creative resource.

Second, James has a very strong grasp of technology. He learned new technologies promptly and applied them in his daily work. He knows our software inside and out and helps relay technical information to customers in an accessible way. He explains our products clearly to customers and makes the most of technological avenues to gain new leads. During an early review, I observed him discuss in detail with a prospective client the specific ways that our company could boost the sales of his business. Chambergate employees soon perceived James as a valuable resource and looked to him for innovative direction. By monitoring our clients’ presence, he provided each one with personalized service to meet his/her needs. James makes the most of technology to find new prospects, provide modern solutions, and drive results.

Finally, James has proven himself to be a strong cultural fit here at Chambergate. He is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal he sets his mind to. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand to his teammates and contributes during brainstorming sessions and meetings. Last month, James co-led an enlightening meeting on content marketing and account management for a potential client. James is an active member of the Chambergate team and supports his colleagues professionally and personally.

In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for James’s application for employment. I’m confident that he will surpass your expectations in his new role. James is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart, and I know he will continue to find success. He is an asset to any company that hires him. Please feel free to contact me at (469) 693-5055 or chockenberry@chambergate.com with any other questions. Thank you for your time.


Chris Hockenberry

Founder & Online Strategist

Rob Bertram Software Engineer - Living As One, LLC

James is passionate about making wherever he works a better place. He is knowledgable about Scrum and believes that doing Scrum well can help improve the effectiveness of teams. James is worth investing in and will do great things.

Mikaela Pewitt - Software Engineer -Living As One LLC

James was great to work with. His enthusiasm for his work and his communication skills made him valuable to the team. I believe James has a tremendous amount of potential and would be a great addition to any team.

Toby McLelland-Taylor - Director Of Client Services - Upland Software / Adestra

Quite quickly into interviewing James, myself and his line manager were convinced he was the right fit. He presents himself well, and clearly has a very sharp and analytical mind. James joined the Adestra team at a crucial and very busy time, and was able to immediately hit the ground running and add value to the project management team. He picked up the platform and all of its intricacies quickly, and I was impressed by how soon he was able to run client calls without any assistance. James is a fun, hardworking self-starter who would be an invaluable addition to any team. I would not hesitate to work with James again.

Karen Leibowitz - Technical Project Manager - Upland Software / Adestra

I’ve worked with James side-by-side. He is very dedicated to his work, and goes over and above to provide support. James is eager to expand his knowledge on every software he comes in contact with and is keen to understand processes at their fullest.

Immanuel Ward - Account Manager - Upland Software / Adestra

James has proven himself to be a highly skilled Project Manager. He is excellent at getting to the heart of any technical client issue, no matter how large or small. Jame’s deeply inquisitive nature coupled with his ever-growing knowledge of the Adestra platform has truly made him an invaluable member of the team.

Anna Grieve - Head of Professional Services - Upland Software / Adestra

James was a member of our extended Professional Services team. A dedicated and adaptable technical project manager with an attention to detail and always willing to learn and question an approach if he didn’t think it was the right one. He would be an asset to any PM team.

Matthew Flaherty - Account Manager - Upland Software / Adestra

If you are in need of someone technical, James is your go to. He and I spent a lot of time together during our tenure at Adestra and I would highly recommend him in any Professional Services role. James always ensures that scoping is met to a T and will validate project requirements through extensive Q/A. If you are in the software industry and need someone who isn't afraid to jump into a new project, James is your guy.

Neil Warner - Sr. Android Developer - Verizon

James is a great combination of dreamer and down to earth - able to have vision and excitement, but also get into the nuts and bolts of organization. He almost can't help himself thinking of process improvement ideas.

He also shows passion and dedication that are to his credit and would lend value to any project, as well as a desire to learn that is commendable.

He also has a diverse array of background and experience that would make him an asset in a variety of ways. I'd be happy to have him on future projects.

Michele Orahood - Owner - Vala Professional Services

Dear Potential Employer:

James Thomas worked at Vala Professional Services as our Office Manager. James began with a very limited job description and was required to wear many hats during his time here. With every new request, he asked the right questions and fulfilled the duties that were asked of him.

James is an intelligent and personable person. He is very self-motivated and capable of handling many tasks given to him. He was quick to take on tasks that weren’t “in his job description” and handled them extremely well.

If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to speak with you. Feel free to call me at (469) 223-0766.


Michele Orahood

Timothée Besset -Director - Server Development - Trivie, inc.

James joined us as we started a QA effort ahead of Trivie's first release. He was a great fit with the team and he picked up the most important aspects of our testing needs immediately. He is organized and a fast learner, I expect he will be a solid addition to any QA group.

Brian Ragan -Assistant Chief Financial Officer - Vox Technologies

Sir or Madam,

My name is Brian Ragan, the Assistant Chief Financial Officer at Vox Technologies, a company which specializes in the procurement of obsolete and end of life industrial automation component parts.

I highly recommend James Thomas as a candidate for employment. James was a contractor with Vox Technologies for approximately 3 months, during which time he proved to be an incredibly driven individual, consistently striving to go above and beyond on any assigned task and consistently stepping up to any challenge presented to him. Though working outside of his area of expertise, James showed a willingness to learn and had an aptitude for developing solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.

Also, James was very flexible in that he could work independently on any assigned task or in a more formalized team setting. His quickness to volunteer for all opportunities presented demonstrates a unique willingness to learn and grow as an individual not found in many employees.

Again, I believe that James Thomas could be great asset to your company and has my recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to our work related experiences together please feel free to contact me.

(214) 517 – 9995


Douglas Sexton - Property Adjuster - QBE

James and I collaborated with other testers and developers on several efficiency improvement processes for QBE Lender Placed Insurance of North America. James contributions included: process review, modifications and testing of the Claims processing Software that was in current use. Once this data was collected his support, in changes to the current process and development of a pilot application to replace the existing tool was key to its success.

As a result, QBE saw accuracy and efficiency improvements resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars recaptured across the Claims operations. Due to the high level of success this application was implemented as the required claims adjusting to for all all branches In Texas, Arizona, and California in 2012.

This application continues to develop and is the required tool as of this date in 2017. James skills in problem solving and understanding of process coupled with the ability to articulate solutions in a group environment was detrimental to the success of this highly valuable and successful project.

(734) 417-4095


Isaac Karth -Digital Artist & Game Designer - UTDallas

James was one of our artists on our recent team project, helping us build an RTS from scratch in a semester. As the Art Director, I appreciated his reliable presence and consistent output. He gracefully handled large assignments and delivered quality results. Particularly, he is responsible for my favorite texture job in the game. I was able to watch his growth and learning over the course of the project and was consistently happy with the results. I can confidently say that James is better at this than he thinks he is. I appreciated being able to rely on his presence. He takes direction well and is a good team player, and I have no doubt he will be an asset to any team.

Dallas Chavis - Level Designer - Side Project

I met James Thomas back in my undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Dallas while in the Arts and Technology curriculum. He quickly demonstrated himself as a confident, ambitious, determined, hard working individual who eagerly takes on any challenge presented before him. No matter what the obstacle maybe, James approaches it with a positive unyielding goal of overcoming it using whatever tools are at his disposal.

The time I spent working with James on a small game project really brought his organizational and management skills into focus. Whatever role or task he is given you can expect it to be managed with the goal of increasing efficiency and bringing out quality. James has the skills and the mindset to dive deeply into a company's processes for the purpose of bringing organization to those processes. He enthusiastically takes on burdens of simplifying chaotic work pipelines, organizing meetings, communicating with various departments, and researching newer organizational methods.

Whether he is regulating a showroom floor of candy and soft drinks or managing a small simple game project, you can be certain that a clear and efficient organizational structure will be put in place. James is the dedicated hard worker who finds a way to lighten the burdens for everyone else he works with. Adding him to a company, group, or team will result in an overall increase in productivity.