Hot or Cold – Icebreaker

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November 5, 2019
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January 21, 2020

Hot or Cold - Icebreaker




Choose an object or two that you can hide

Ideas of things to hide: meeting agenda, random object, money, a dad joke printed on a piece of paper, or something you can hide in plain site.

Choose an object or two that you can hide.

Before the team/players arrive hide the chosen object(s) in the room.

When the team/players enter the room tell them that you have hidden the object(s) in the room. Tell the team/players you cannot answer any questions but only tell them if they are hot or cold in relation to the object while they are searching for it.

Tell the team the game begins and begin the search.

This may sound like cheezy/crazy assignment but it actually just makes for that much better of an icebreaker.


- Hide two objects imply one.