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July 25, 2019
Scrum@Scale Guide: Audio Version
November 5, 2019

Egg & Shell Game




Self organize to form into groups of 4 (maximum group limit of 5.)

One person from each respective group must volonteer to be the "egg", the rest of the members in each respective group forming the "shell"

(So there should be one "egg" member to every 3 or 4 "shell" members.)

Members of the "shell" surround the 1 "egg" member and hold hands forming a cirlce.

The 1 person on each team that is the "egg" closes their eyes, puts their hands at their side, and begins to walk in any direction (changing directions as they please, and at any speed).

The shell takes care of the “egg” shielding the egg from any possible collision with any obstacle.

If there is is a collision, which is likely, the shell – still holding hands – gently touches the egg indicating that there is an obstacle.

After two minutes, each group invites someone else who is a part of the "shell" to become the "egg".

(hopefully eveyone gets a chance to be the egg, but its important not to force anyone)

***This exercise has best results when enjoyed in silence.***

Endgame Analysis:

- How was it like as an egg?

- How did it feel like?

- How was it as a part of the shell?

- How did it feel like?

- As a shell, did you observe any differences in the movement of different eggs?

Usually quite good discussions start of which often touch

-Trust and different trust levels / diversity within teams

- Letting-go

- Focus & responsibility

- Ownership

- Taking care of someone