Agile Games With James

Agile Games With James is a website produced and created by James Thomas to help people who are learning about Scrum/Agile Development. This website is meant to be where someone interested in Scrum/Agile Development can follow in James’ footsteps

If there is one thing that James is passionate about it is games. And Agile Games is an excellent way to discover what your team is missing in an Agile development process or to build an effective starting foundation for a new project. Plus, who doesn’t want to get paid playing games while at work, even if for only a short time?

If you are new to Scrum/Agile Development, then the Intro to Agile page is a great place to start learning. Hopefully, it helps give you a “bird’s eye view” of your development process and is the first step in your thousand miles journey.

James Thomas

History of Agile and James
  • 2008 – 2011 UTD

    James graduated from UT Dallas in 2011 with a B.A. focusing on 3D art for animated movies and video games.
  • 2012 – 2013Video Game Industry

    After graduating James worked for two mobile game companies doing black box QA testing. Wanting to use more of his artistic abilities, he found an opportunity as a Director of Art and Marketing for a startup named Megaphone Studios. While at Megaphone Studios, James was contracted out by QBE to help QA a spreadsheet that would drastically change how efficiently the whole Lender Placed Housing division operated. This automated spreadsheet reduced the number of people from 50+ to 10, the number of claims from over 1,500 down to 100, and created a sustainable pace for the workers. It was at this point James realized that his creativity could be used not only for art, but for business purposes and improving processes.
  • 2014-2017 Contracting

    James started contracting out his services to help businesses improve their processes by implementing software to automate parts of their process, consulting on new software purchases and installations, or in some cases guiding clients to build custom software for their needs.
  • 2017-2018 Improving Processes

    Knowing that James enjoyed process improvement he was introduced to Scrum by a good friend. As he learned more about Scrum and the Empirical Process the light bulb immediately turned on. All of the improvements and consulting he had done boiled down to an iterative process that he naturally started implementing. James was enacting Scrum in some ways without realizing it.
  • 2018 to Current Discovering Agile

    After discovering Scrum and Agile, James eagerly dove into the community, attending all meetups that were in his area. Sometimes he went to 3 meetups a week. He eventually was picked as a mentoree by CEO Ravi Verma from SmootheApps.com. Ravi helped James to focus his learning and become certified as a Scrum Master and Product Owner through Scrum.org. It was because of Ravi’s kindness that James was inspired to help others who may be new about Scrum and Agile which led to creating Agile Games With James.

James's Portfolio

Throughout his career James has contintued to work on his skills in many forms of digital and print art.